3 B2b Social Media Case Studies And Why They Work

While B2C marketers have the benefit of being more casual in the type of content they create, B2B marketers generally focus on more “professional” types of content.

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Lead generation is the most important goal for B2B marketers, so the man hours required to write them are more than worth it.

However, B2B content is traditionally about lead generation, which leads companies to gate their content behind a sign up form.

The content of a webinar can be used for multiple blog posts, podcasts, and even case studies.

The line between sales and marketing is not as clear as it used to be.

As such, social content for B2C marketers should be more casual – including humor and even risque’ banter works as well.

B2B marketers have a vast arsenal to choose from when it comes to content marketing.Generally speaking, these companies were almost exclusively B2C.Even to this day B2B companies are still skeptical of the benefits of social media for their business.Rather, content is supposed to provide value to the reader – no one cares about you or your company, they want to know what is in it for them.After providing value with your content, you will then be seen as a thought-leader.If you need more convincing, you can download my complimentary e Book, 166 Case Studies Prove Social Media Marketing ROI. Does your business need help proving Social Media ROI?It’s free with just a just a click on the sidebar of this website. It’s been downloaded by over 100,000 people so far. First and foremost, white papers are a tool for lead generation.Given how in-depth a white paper can be, and how much information it provides to the reader, people are more willing to give their personal details to access it.Make sure there are share buttons on your blog, so that readers can easily share your content across social channels with a single click. Now the messaging within a social post itself is a type of content marketing.It’s important that this type of content is well thought out, specifically in terms of who the target audience is.


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