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A simple change of perspective will help you see this assignment for what it really is — a lecture in structuring your arguments and sparking verbal debate.As a young person who’s examining the world through the prism of critical thinking, you’ll find this skill to be a cool intellectual advantage later in life.Also, you introduce a few relevant ideas to lengthen it.

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So, why not turn that beginner’s fear into a creative challenge?After you are done with the drafting process, you need to fine tune it so that it attains perfection.You should take time and proofread it to catch and expunge all grammar errors.” Just like all the other longer essays, you need to brainstorm your topic well.If your assignment did not come with a topic, you need to select one that you can cover well.After you have drafted your thesis statement, you need to select your three key arguments to defend it in the successive paragraphs of your paper.You need to ensure that you settle for the ones that carry the most weight and the highest convincing power.This section shares quick tips on how to draft this assignment.To ensure that your essay achieves the desired length, you need to do the following: For a short essay, you can expand on all the points you had shortened.Your thesis statement is your personal stand that infuses your paper with a sense of life and direction so that your paper does stray.It also shows your readers what to expect in the remaining sections of your paper.


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