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Students often ask how to write a five-paragraph essay in an hour, but they rarely understand that an essay often needs to be written in a couple of hours or even days.However, it is also important to understand that it’s better to get bad scores than no scores.Also, you need to switch off the music if it is playing, even if you always do your homework to music.

Each of your claims should be supported with a couple of facts and evidence.

If you are going to use information from another source, make sure that you paraphrase well.

Step 2: Find information We are not going to lie to you.

Therefore, we need to confess that the quality of your essay can suffer if you have only one hour to complete it.

Obviously, the introduction and conclusion should be shorter than each paragraph of the body.

Out of all steps on how to write a five-paragraph essay, this one should not be skipped in any case. You should mention all the points which you planned.

When you are paraphrasing a sentence, take into consideration that simply changing a couple of words doesn’t count as proper paraphrasing.

Step 6: Work on the details If you succeeded in completing the previous step, you should have a few minutes to work on details.

Perhaps you could, but you don’t have time for this kind of detail.

So, complete the first draft as quickly as you can without thinking about the details.


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