Air France Internet Marketing Case Study Analysis

Air France Internet Marketing Case Study Analysis-4
Air France Internet Marketing Case Assignment FORMULA’S APPLIED IN THIS EXERCISE CTR = % of customers who click thru a link = No. Of impressions TCR = Sum of total volume of bookings / No.Of clicks Take rate = probability Of booking = TCR * CTR ROA = Return on ad dollars spent = Net revenue/cost Q1.Founded in 1919 to serve the Netherlands, KLM is the world’s oldest airline.

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However, if Media Contacts wants to maximize its ROI, it would be much wiser to tailor each publisher’s strategy to their individual expertise and unique strength.

Overall, the latter would be more effective and economical, besides providing useful data in tweaking further website design and offerings.

According to ROA analysis, Yahoo-US has got the highest ROA.

Therefore, Yahoo-US produces the best marketing campaign results(as shown in chart on next page). The search engine which is giving biggest bang for the marketing buck in SEM, should receive more marketing dollars.

The high‐CPC, low‐take‐rate publishers are not working.

We can consider killing funding for these publishers by doing deep analysis of which keywords etc are not working.How can campaigns be improved to increase overall value gained from investment with a search engine publisher?Should keywords be added or dropped from the campaign?But KLM also knew that people are not allowed to share sensitive travel information on its Facebook Page.So KLM added the “Send Message” button to its Page, allowing people to quickly, seamlessly and privately communicate with its agents.KLM wanted to make it easier for customers and agents to have meaningful conversations, without compromising privacy.The airline knew that its customers spent a lot of time on Facebook and Messenger, making them ideal communication platforms.These publisher campaigns are working, but at a high cost.The idea is to seek out high‐ROA keywords and figure out what's working. This depends on what the intention of Media Contacts is.If it is to see which Search Engine publisher is more effective for its campaigns and its business model, it may want to employ a uniform strategy across the board.


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