Ankle Injury Essay

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Literature concerning ankle injuries is abundant, probably due to the high incidence in both the recreational and competitive athletes (Gross et al, 1987).

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The mechanical displacements of the joint complex were analysed before and after controlled athletic exercise.

Inversion was reduced my a mean of 50% using the ‘basket weave’ method of taping and a post exercise restriction decrease of 66% (lower values represent greater restriction).

Moreover, three ‘operators’ were used to tape the ankles and although they followed a standardised method, there was no mention about how pressure applied was normalised.

In a much more sophisticated study, Boyce et al (2005) compared the value of taping and bracing in acute ankle sprains.

The authors could have provided a likert scale questionnaire in the form of a subjective level of tiredness, which would have quantified fatigue.

In a similar study, (using roentgenologic measurements of talor tilt) Vaes et al (1998) found a medial subtalor sling (taping method) decreased mean inversion by 37%-78% pre exercise and 52%-88% post exercise.

Routine physiotherapy must be initiated as soon as possible following a sprain in order to maximize the inflammatory process, initiate collagen stretching and strengthening exercises (Mattacola & Dwyer, 2002) and finally begin an appropriate proprioception exercise circuit (Murphy et al, 2003).

Poor or prolonged initiation of correct rehabilitation following injury is one cause of chronic ankle instability (CAI).

Historically, passive range of movement (ROM) has been the most frequently utilised objective measure when studying ankle-taping effectiveness.

Lohrer et al (1999) used electromyography and goniometry methods to examine talor tilt and neuromuscular adaptation in 40 subjects.


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