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A Review on Optimization with Ant Colony Algorithmfree download Abstract Ant colony optimization (ACO) is an algorithm based on the behavior of the real ants in finding the shortest path from a source to the food.

It utilizes the behavior of the real ants while searching for the food.

The basic principle of ant colony Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm using Back-tracing and Diversification Strategyfree download Abstract: We propose a new improved bio-inspired ant colony optimization (ACO) algorithm using the back-tracing strategy of current global path and diversification strategy.

In fact, in general, ACO algorithm, the initial position of agents assigned to an each node at Modeling Police Patrol Routing and its Problem-Solving Technique Based on the Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm (case Study: Iran's Police)free download Abstract: In light of the fact that crime prevention is of high importance on the issue of ensuring security within a community which is mostly carried out by police patrols of the police stations, making decisions on taking the best approach to plan and schedule police OF ENERGY COST FOR HORMOZ WASTEWATER PUMP STATION BY ANT COLONY ALGORITHM AND COMPARE BY GENETIC ALGORITHMfree download ABSTRACT Operating this according to external conditions have changed.

For example, in a different time or different months of the year and when rain will change the input.

That consequently the pumping function must also be replaced.

The author proposes a solution based on application of Computational Intelligence to create mazes used for entertainment like find the exit games or as an environment for other Ant colony Algorithm based on Three Constraint Conditions for Cloud Resource Schedulingfree download Abstract An improved ant colony algorithm based on the three constraint conditions that aiming at the problem of resource scheduling in cloud computing is proposed in this paper.

this method is divided into three steps: Firstly, we describe the state transition probability Research the Optimal Path of Post-Disaster Relief Vehicles Based on Ant Colony Algorithm and WSNfree download Abstract Choosing a reasonable Rescue route guarantees emergency rescue command center to start the rescue work timely and effectively.

The implementation of this method is divided into three steps: With the help of the information elicitation factor and A survey of various norms and optimisation based on Ant colony algorithmfor Enhancing Imagefree download Abstract: Image enhancement improves the visual looks of the images.

In this paper various algorithm which are used to enhance the quality of the image are surveyed, special attention is given to L0 norm and ant colony based optimisation algorithms.


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  • A survey Ant Colony Optimization based recent research and.

    Ant Colony Optimization ACO is a Swarm Intelligence technique which inspired from the foraging behaviour of real ant colonies. The ants deposit pheromone on the ground in order to mark the route for identification of their routes from the nest to food that should be followed by other members of the colony.…

  • Ant Colony Optimization in a Changing Environment

    To the ant colony, but one is twice as long as the other. After a sufficient amount of time, all of the ants converge to the shorter of the two paths. The original double-bridge exper-iment introduced the notion of simulating an ant colony to solve the shortest path problem, and was the basis for the ACO algorithms that followed.…

  • Ant Colony Optimization Download eBook pdf, epub, tuebl, mobi

    Ant colony optimization Download ant colony optimization or read online books in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, and Mobi Format. Click Download or Read Online button to get ant colony optimization book now. This site is like a library, Use search box in the widget to get ebook that you want. Ant Colony Optimization…

  • Hybridizing ant colony optimization algorithm with nonlinear.

    The ant colony optimization algorithm ACOA is hybridized with nonlinear programming NLP for the optimal design of sewer networks. The resulting problem is a highly constrained mixed integer nonlinear problem MINLP presenting a challenge even to the modern heuristic search methods.…

  • Hand Gesture Recognition using Ant Colony Optimization.

    Going forward the ant colony optimization technique for hand gesture recognition shall be one of the best method comparing current ones. REFERENCES 1. T. Kapuscinski and M. Wysocki, Hand Gesture Recognition for Man- Machine interaction, Second Workshop on Robot Motion and Control, October 18-20, 2001.…

  • Application of ant colony optimization to optimal design of.

    Considering the obtained results for different design variables, the optimal and appropriate cross-section is proposed for composite trapezoidal open channels by the second model by considering horizontal velocity variation. Furthermore, the efficiency and capability of the ant colony optimization are examined to solv.…


    INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SCIENTIFIC & TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH VOLUME 4, ISSUE 09, SEPTEMBER 2015 ISSN 2277-8616 376 IJSTR©2015 Colony Optimization ACO For The Traveling Salesman Problem TSP Using Partitioning Alok Bajpai, Raghav Yadav…

  • Cancer Detection using Frequency Pattern Ant Colony Optimization

    In finding an accurate gene which is responsible for causing cancer. In this paper we present a system for diagnosis of cancer using FP frequent pattern mining growth algorithm. Ant colony optimization to predict the possibility of cancer colony algorithm is employed as evolutionary algorithm to optimize the obtained set of association.…

  • Diversity control in ant colony optimization - is.

    Ant colony optimization ACO l'z is a new search metaphor for solving combinatorial optimization problems, and has been unexpectedly successful in recent years. It has been applied to many combinatorial optimization problems, e.g. traveling salesman problems TSP, network routing…

  • Research on Application of Ant Colony Optimization

    We research on application of ant colony optimization. In order to avoid the stagnation and slow convergence speed of ant colony algorithm, this paper propose the multiple ant colony optimization algorithm based on the equilibrium of distribution.…

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