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The one thing you need to be careful of yes they don’t take off points for being wrong unless you directly contradict yourself so be careful about that.Don’t say photosynthesis only happens during the day, photosynthesis only happens at night. One thing you can do is avoid absolutes on that photosynthesis one.

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Then I’ll take a quick look at the two different types of essay questions, and I’ll give you a few tips that are specific to those two different types. Well remember you’re being graded by some kind of anal retarded guys and they’ll see it they go, “Well let’s see their last direct object was this and he used it I know what he meant to write but he did write as wrong.” You get no points.

What are some of the basic tricks that will help you on any AP biology essay? Because I’ve had kids read a question and say I don’t really like that question and they invent their own and start answering it. Be very careful that’s the only real English skill to use. Typically these questions are broken down into part A and B or sometimes A, B and C.

Like for example, Protein Synthesis.[]You’ll talk about how all Proteins are made out of the same 20 different amino aids.

Well it turns about that there’s a few evolutionary weirdness out there, where they may use 21st amino acid. But there’s a few out there that have done their research on that.

Use the end in –ase which means enzyme, and then slap in the name of whatever it is that you want to do in. And even if it isn’t, guess what different scientist will call the exact same thing slightly different names, why?

Because some guy’s over in France and he’s inventing his new name for something, while some guy in England is discovering the same thing and they both want to name it. It’s kind of open to debate and until the debate is settled, scientist will be using both names kind of synonymously.

If you say in stead of saying photosynthesis only happens during the day say, typically photosynthesis only happens during the day.

That allows you to give yourself a little but of a cover to protect against any reader who happens to know nitty-gritty details that might say well what if such and such happened?

If that’s all you know about Genetic engineering, if they are asking some kind of Genetic engineering question, just saying DNA holds genetic information, they might give you a point for it. If you are sitting there and you’re thing maybe this will work just toss it out there.

As I tell my kids shot gun it or just vomit up all of the information that you think might apply.


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