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For example, Magical Lineage and Wayang Spellhunter are awesome, and have no direct comparison...

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Not just better than a feat, better than two feats (as it's basically Fast Learner Toughness).

However, it is worth noting that most of these are 'better' than feats because there is no comparable feat.

Yes, it is ok to give improved precise shot to everyone at level 1, why not.

Wizards could actually miss at low levels because of cover :( Unless you take Additional Traits at level one.

I would define average feats as the saving throw feats, Dodge, perhaps Cleave, and Spell Focus for someone who isn't super-specializing (not usually great for Clerics for instance). Fate's Favored increases all luck bonuses by 1, and Sacred Tattoo gives a 1 luck bonus to all saves, so that's increased to 2.

Halfling Luck, despite its name, is a racial bonus and not a luck bonus, so it doesn't apply.Any of the traits that let you use stat X instead of stat Y, such as bruising intellect.I just read dead eye bowman and burst out laughing.If you say: If I invest a feat on additional traits I get more than by investing a feat for razortusk you would be right. The benefit of tusked is not bigger than the benefit of razortusk. Ultimate Campaign's Character Background chapter even adds this variant rule (where background features open up access to various traits).In my mind, even the Additional Trait feat should only allow traits that could be acquired during adventuring (social, faith, etc). No supertraits discussion is complete without Finding Haleen, is it?Reactionary is probably more than should be in a trait, even though it is exactly half the bonus of a feat.Well I'm sure I'm doing it wrong, but most of my traits end up being something that gives a class skill, something that buffs a weak save, or Magical Talent (or whatever the thing is that gives you any Finding Haleen is a 3.5 Campaign Trait, not really comparable to the rest.Magical Knack, mostly because there isn't a feat that does something like it.Affiable is a special case, but nearly as good as Cosmopolitan.You can't select the skills, but you get two good skills added to your class skills list.I don't care for the Replace X with Y (such as Wisdom in the Flesh) traits.


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