Argumentative Analysis Essay

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Occurring locally is a suburban area, a family with 2 parents, a car, and a T. Occurring worldly, we are in the middle of the Cold War.

Soviet Russia, Cuba, and Russian allies enter the Korean War to stop the spread of communism.

John then states that we have a mission for hopes and dreams and a better life. During this time period jobs are increasing and our education is poor, occurring locally.

Kasich writes, “Unemployment rate has fallen from 10. In President Barak Obama’s Inaugural Speech, he defines democracy as a promise, a connection between individuals and the government and an inspiring action.

Kennedy then lists his specific audience, addresses them, and threatens them with fear. Kennedy uses pathos to persuade his audience that uniting everyone can save the world and if we divide, there will be destruction.

In President Kennedy’s speech, he does this mostly with fear.

All of these men have goals and present ways to achieve them.

Governor Kasich, President Obama, and President Kennedy all have their own ways of defining democracy.

The people in a democracy should be able to discuss issues, protest, and decide on laws.

Being a part of a democracy is to come together make choices as a whole, and making the best decision possible.


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