Assigned Seating At Wedding

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Children attending a reception should always be seated with their parents, or at a children’s table nearby their parents if their age warrants independence.

To combat uncomfortable seating dilemmas, more than enough seating will be required to ensure that every guest has a seat.

With a place card already preset on the table, directing guests to the seat chosen for them, there is no room for the misfortune of it being lost.

Read “All You Need to Know About Escort Cards and Place Cards”.

People tend to stake their claim at open seating events, regardless of their group’s size.

This can litter the room with empty chairs are random tables if a group doesn’t completely fill out the table.

Of all the items needed for a great event, a structured seating chart with table assignments is one of the more important.

As a professional photographer having the opportunity to capture the most touching moments for engaged couples and their families, I couldn’t be more pleased to be here at Kahn’s Catering where we not only cater weddings, but corporate and special events.

It creates a smoother and more seamless meal service. The escort card tells guests which table they are to be seated, but the place cards tells them which individual seat was chosen for them. However, with table-only assigned seating it is acceptable to combine names on the card. It would lead to a very bad dinner service if escort cards had dual purpose.

Things can become very chaotic when a caterer starts auctioning off meals by asking “Who has the chicken? Several could end up missing and many guests could end up with the wrong meal.


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