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Such assignment shall be reasonable if (a) Landlord is reasonably satisfied that such assignee has sufficient financial capacity and management expertise to enable it to comply with each and every obligation of Tenant hereunder and (b) such assignee of Tenant assumes all of Tenant’s obligations hereunder; provided, however that Landlord may disapprove any prospective assignee whose contemplated uses of the Premises would not, in the good faith determination of Landlord or Landlord’s Engineer, meet the requirements and conditions set forth in Articles VI and IX hereof; provided further that, notwithstanding any such assignment, Tenant shall not be released from its liability, if any, for the obligations of the Tenant hereunder.(b) Landlord’s consent to an assignment of Tenant’s interest hereunder shall not be necessary if the assignment is to a partnership or other entity in which Tenant or the principals of Tenant retain an ownership interest (determined without regard to income, loss or cash preferences acquired by other owners) of at least fifty percent (50%). In addition to the expressly permitted assignments in this Section 11(a) or in Sections 37 or 46 hereof, Tenant may freely t assign, transfer, mortgage, pledge, hypothecate or encumber or otherwise dispose all or any of its interest in this Lease, or any interest therein, or sublet the Leased Premises, or any portion thereof, provided Tenant guaranties all payment and performance obligations under this Lease.•By a mutual exchange where a Stafford and Rural Homes tenant exchanges his dwelling with another tenant, or a tenant of another Registered Social Landlord.

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A new tenancy is not created and the assignee becomes a tenant, not a lodger in possession or any other type of occupant.

If you’re a Lambeth Housing tenant, you can assign your tenancy to your husband, wife or civil partner if they live with you.

You can also assign your tenancy to one of your children (including step and adoptive children) or an unmarried partner (including same sex partners) if they’ve lived with you continuously for the last 12 months.

If your tenancy was created before 1 April 2012, you can also assign it to the following family members: If you haven't already done so, please read the Assignment section in our guide to passing on a tenancy for information on when we wouldn't grant an assignment and things for you to consider before you apply.

For all other family members, you’ll need to show they have lived with you for the last 12 months.

You'll only need to provide six copies of utility bills and payslips to cover the 12 month period.In the event of any such assignment, Tenant shall remain fully liable for the performance of its duties and obligations hereunder, except to the extent hereinafter provided, and no such assignment and no dealings or transactions between Issuer or the Trustee and any such assignee shall relieve Tenant of any of its duties and obligations hereunder, except as may be otherwise provided in the following section. Tenant may assign or transfer all or any part of its interest in this Lease and the underlying Premises to any entity or person licensed to operate a casino in the State of Colorado, provided that the transferee’s financial performance ranks it among the top fifteen (15) casino operators in the State of Colorado as measured by the gaming tax rate applied to its revenues during for the preceding month determined in accordance with the Colorado Limited Gaming Act and the Gaming Regulations promulgated thereunder, and provided further that Tenant shall first obtain Landlord’s consent to such assignment or transfer, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld.Tenant may, without first obtaining Landlord’s prior consent, transfer or assign all or any part of Tenant’s interest in this Lease and the underlying Premises to any entity in which Tenant retains an ownership interest, provided that , Tenant provides Landlord with not less than thirty (30) days prior written notice of such intended transfer.For example, if the 12 month period is from March 2017 to February 2018, you should provide your payslips for March 2017 and February 2018 and four months in between.A decision will be given in writing and we hold the right to review each application for assignment by a senior officer.Assignment by Tenant (a) Subject to Section 14.3(b) hereof and Tenant’s right to sublet a portion of the Premises to a Freestanding Tenant, Tenant shall not have any right to assign its interest in this Lease or the Premises prior to completion of the development contemplated by Article IV hereof, except for an assignment to a leasehold mortgagee as security for its loan.At any time after such completion, however, in addition to Tenant’s right to assign as security its interest in this Lease or the Premises or any portion thereof under Section 17.1 hereof, Tenant shall have the right otherwise to assign all of such interest, if Tenant obtains Landlord’s prior written approval thereof, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld.For example, if the assignee is your grandchild, you'll need to provide the birth certificates for them and their parent that is your child.The following documents can be used as evidence to show the assignee lives with you: For husbands, wives and civil partners, you only need to provide evidence showing they currently live at the property.For purposes of this Article XV, “control” or “controlling” means shall mean, as applied to any Person or entity, the possession, directly or indirectly, of the power to direct the management and policies of that Person or entity, whether through ownership, voting control, by contract or otherwise.Except as otherwise expressly provided in this Lease, no Transfer shall occur without the prior written consent of Landlord, which consent will not be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed by Landlord with respect to an assignment (but not a mortgage or pledge) of this Lease in its entirety by Tenant, considering such matters as the experience and financial strength of any assignee, the assumption by any assignee of all of Tenant’s obligations hereunder by undertakings enforceable by Landlord, and the transfer to or procurement by the proposed assignee of all necessary licenses and franchises in order to continue operating the Properties for the purposes herein provided, so long as Landlord is given at least 30 days prior written notice of such assignment accompanied by information about the proposed assignee (including financial statements of the proposed assignee and its direct and indirect equity owners), and provided further that at the time of such assignment no Event of Default (assuming with the giving of notice or the passage of time) will occur and be continuing.


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