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There are a great many people trying to help solve this problem, and 2012 is certainly going to see a huge push towards solving this, but for now, just take some time to understand why this is such an important fight we have to win – for this generation and the next.And as a PS, please read the introduction to Douglas Rushkoff‘s book: Program or be programmed – it is very good!

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It was one of the major deciding factors for me to leave education and move to the US.

I cannot tell you how sad I am that we have not been able to keep this YRSer in the UK, and this is one of the very many stories that drives me. Start by understanding this problem, then join groups like Coding for Kids and CAS of course – sign the petition.

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I understand that my case is a little different from the one involving Ruby, you can’t expect every IT teacher to be versed in i Phone development, but there is no excuse for not having at least a basic understanding of Ruby/Python and absolutely no excuse for failing work because its difficult to mark.

This is in stark contrast to events like YRS, where kids are encouraged to push the boundaries and explore how to do things differently to stunning effect.

Ask me about it and I will bore you to death with inspirational stories 😉 Since then, running Young Rewired State has become the most important thing I do.

One story that I have heard time and time again, is that these genius kids are failing in ICT at school, because their teachers cannot mark their work.

Over a period of months it became blindingly clear that there were no groups, there were tiny pockets and many isolated individuals – all teaching themselves how to code, driven by personal passion and nothing else.

We scraped together 50 of these kids from across the UK and it was one of the most incredible events we have ever run.


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