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The researchers came up with a name to describe the way students in the United States were being taught math.They called it “learning terms and practicing procedures.” Teachers would present definitions of terms and demonstrate procedures for solving specific problems.Students in Japan did memorize terms and formulas, and teachers did explicitly demonstrate procedures for solving problems, but there was significantly more time devoted to having the students apply this knowledge, on their own, to new and challenging problems.

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The students come up with as many ways as they can to solve the problem.

*** In 1993, a group of researchers set out to do something that had never been done before.

They would hire a videographer to travel across the United States and record a random sample of eighth-grade math classes.

Then students present their methods to the class, and the teacher guides them in a discussion of the mathematics behind each method.

The idea is to lead the class towards increasingly sophisticated ways of solving the problem.


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