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At first glance, the Bento Lab looks like a colourful Mac Book from the 90s.But what’s inside is a powerful, all-in-one DNA laboratory built to handle any small-scale DNA analysis applications.The nanopores are contained within a synthetic polymer, through which a current is applied in order to stimulate flow of material through the openings.

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The brainchild of two scientists, the Bento Lab was designed to include all the tools needed to extract, amplify and analyze biological samples.

The Bento Lab is composed of four functional units housed in a protective case, which can be easily slipped into a laptop bag.

The centrifuge has a maximum speed of 20,000 rpm, which is sufficiently powerful to separate the phases during DNA extraction.

The PCR thermocycler can accommodate multiple variations on the DNA amplification technique – like hot start PCR – and is even able to cool down to four degrees Celsius to prevent sample degradation after the reaction is complete.

Unlike traditional DNA sequencing technologies which require long run times before generating any data output, the Min ION starts streaming data in real-time as soon as the sample is applied to the cartridge.

The cartridge – which contains 500 individual nanopores – is reusable, with a current total life of approximately 24 hours of sequencing.

When used in combination, the Bento Lab and Min ION represent a complete DNA analysis system.

As both tools can handle increased workflow at affordable price points, they may be a smart investment for any biotech entrepreneur.

After doing some research into affordable ways to set up a new lab, we came across two new pieces of equipment – the Bento Lab and the Min ION – which are ideal for multiple biotech applications.

Along with consumables and reagents – like pipette tips, gloves, buffers and PCR enzymes – these lab gadgets will be all you need to get your research idea off the ground.


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