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In Drama, you are expected to demonstrate a practical understanding of how acting and design choices can create a particular interpretation of a text and how those choices will have an impact on the audience.Characteristics of a play 4 Genre 4 Style 4 Plot 4 Characters .

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This indicates that she had to sacrifice any youthful enjoyment and financial security to care for her children - she cannot gain financial security because she is unable to get a full-time job, due to her having to care for the children and the decline in the economy.

'Mrs Johnstone' is also uneducated and Russell implies this through a number of different ways.

When 'Sammy' is suspended 'Mrs Johnstone' says it's the school's fault for 'letting the silly gets play with magnesium.' Also the character 'Mrs Johnstone' is fatalistic and this is shown by her saying 'what wil be will be'.

This infers that she does not concern herself with explanations of events in her life, she just accepts them.

This shows the readers that she is trapped by poverty and reinforces the idea that it is difficult for her to take care for her children and is ultimately the reason why she gave Edward away to the middle-class 'Mrs Lyons'.

Russell suggests that she is 'old before her time'.

In this essay i am going to explain how the character 'Mrs Johnstone' is portrayed in the play 'Blood Brothers'.

At the start of the play the audience are told that she is only twenty-five years old and already has had seven children.

This suggests that she is naturally a maternal character, embracing new life and showing her caring personality.

William Russell (Russell) may also be hinting at religious rulings against contraception in her life, therefore implying that she is a Catholic.


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