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An account of intimate female friendship pivots midway through, morphing into a meditation on jealousy and class.

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The essays are structurally intricate and ultraprecise in their depictions of both the physical and human worlds.An Emma Straub Reccomendation on PBS“One of the themes of ‘Sunshine State,’ Sarah Gerard’s striking book of essays, is how Florida can unmoor you and make you reach for shoddy, off-the-shelf solutions to your psychic unease….The first essay is a knockout, a lurid red heart wrapped in barbed wire....This thematic ambiguity and avoidance of the pithy message are qualities—in addition to the effective use of autobiographical scenes—that some of Gerard’s essays share with those of Joan Didion…[and] turns the book into an Everlasting Gobstopper for thought. Gerard’s collection leaves an indelible impression.” who capture and concern us.Listing the home’s elevation, an accurate certificate is requisite to assessing the home’s risk of flood damage or, in the case of Florida, its chances of surviving into the next few decades….Florida is the nation’s elevation certificate; consider Gerard our realtor.” “Perfectly captures the idiosyncrasies of the Gulf Coast…In the collection’s title essay, Gerard volunteers at the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary, a world renowned bird refuge.There she meets its founder, who once modeled with a pelican on his arm for a Dewar’s Scotch campaign but has since declined into a pit of fraud and madness.This is a collection packed with bittersweet longing—for a life that’s fuller or wilder or wealthier, for a larger self that’s always out of reach.” “Eight carefully researched, beautifully patterned, and vividly written essays….Emotion-rich scenes from Gerard’s life stand alongside straightforward descriptions of historical events unencumbered by editorializing….


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