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The French New Wave refers to a period of world film history (generally 1959-1964) in which artists feverishly directed their cinephilia toward the creation and criticism of a generically-hybrid, formally experimental, and highly allusive cinema.Impatient with films that merely adapted literary narratives or painterly aesthetics, French New Wave artists and critics self-reflexively called attention to cinematic techniques of making meaning and telling stories.

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This course studys book-length non-fiction literary narratives from Indian captivity narratives and slave narratives to nature writing, social documentary, “new journalism” and “nonfiction novels,” and other manifestations up to the present.

Writers may include Thoreau, Agee, Didion, Herr, Mailer, Orleans, and Eggers.

Moreover, cinema—itself an art of ephemera—can slow, reveal, or accelerate changes in the environment.

This course explores film’s revelatory capacity and creative production of the environment through a range of film examples.

A study of the diverse genres within Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, read in Middle English.

The evolution of the Arthurian canon in English, from the 14th century to the present.This course explores representations of and reflections on the Holocaust.Students consider what it means to represent an extreme or limit experience—an experience felt by perpetrators and victims alike to be unrepresentable.A basic introduction to the concepts and techniques of film analysis and criticism.While “Film and the Environment” might bring to mind conventional nature documentaries featuring an authoritative voiceover describing intricate phenomenon, this course instead considers how every film relates to the environment, insofar as every film reflects and creates a world through the mechanical reproduction and mass production of space and time.Instruction and practice in the forms, styles, grammar, and analytical skills necessary for success in academic writing at the undergraduate level.Open to first-year students recommended by the English Department.A study of various examples of short narrative fiction from several cultural and linguistic traditions, the aim of which is to perform literary analyses through a process of close reading.To that end, students develop a vocabulary of technical and formal terms for the study of narrative.In this course students examine the different ways that it manages (or fails to manage) historically specific problems of sexual, political, and racial difference.Novels from the 1950s to the present that reflect Africa’s diverse cultures and history.


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