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With a unified understanding of the financial accounting framework, we will move on to learn about the various accounting choices available that ultimately affect the numbers reported on financial statements.

FINANCIAL STATEMENT INTERPRETATION AND ANALYSIS (FSIA) FSIA is aimed at students who possess stronger accounting, finance, and quantitative skills and plan to pursue a career in investment banking, private equity, M&A advisory, or hedge fund.

The course is designed to prepare you to analyze, interpret and use financial statements effectively, both from a general manager and investor perspective.

This course will help to integrate much of the material covered at Tuck, particularly in accounting, finance, economics and strategy.

However, managers and entrepreneurs need to attract capital to their organizations on favorable terms (and often have their compensation tied to organizational performance metrics) and so have incentives to bias their estimates of performance.

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Forecasts made by managers will tend to have some truth, but also some error because of uncertainty as well as bias introduced by the self- interest of the parties who are in-charge of the measurement process.The aim is to ascertain the value of a firm’s shares using commonly used valuation techniques, with a focus on fundamental analysis (project a firm’s pro-forma financial statements and discount its future free cash flows).The course relies on cases, active class participation, and team-oriented assignments.CASES IN FINANCIAL REPORTING (CFR) Professor Leslie Robinson; Professor Joseph Gerakos Because of the importance of accounting information in promoting the appropriate allocation of resources by capital markets, we study the external financial reporting process and the general manager’s responsibilities with respect to this process in detail.CFR focuses in particular on how financial accounting systems are designed to capture the underlying economics of an organization’s business strategy and operations as well as the roles of accounting principles, rules, and institutions in improving the quality of financial accounting information.Contact us if you experience any difficulty logging in.(Back to top) ADVANCED MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING (AMA) Professor Richard Sansing This minicourse explores advanced topics in managerial accounting, which in turn focuses on how a manager should make decisions in the presence of accounting information.When investments and organizational outcomes are manifested over time (jointness in time), how do we measure performance in a given time period?In CFR, we explore accrual accounting, which involves making forecasts of future economic consequences of current transactions, as a mechanism to overcome this challenge and facilitate period by period performance measurement. Managers have the best understanding of the underlying economics of their organizations, so they are allowed considerable discretion in making the estimated forecasts required of accrual accounting.Gain career skills that make you more valuable and marketable with an online communications degree from Walden.In our increasingly digital, social, and mobile world, being an effective communicator can give you a professional edge and prepare you to excel in a variety of fields—including public relations, advertising, new media, and corporate communications.


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