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View Deal Metro by T-Mobile, 0 a month (unlimited data) Metro and Boost charge the same to add extra lines to their basic unlimited plans.(Boost's rates vary on its more expensive unlimited plans, but it's per line across the board at Metro regardless of plan.) That means a family of four would pay the same 0 a month for unlimited data on every line.Upgrade to the plan, and you get 15GB of hotspot data plus an Amazon Prime membership on top of Google One.

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Next time you're in the market for a new smartphone — whether it's the i Phone XS, Samsung's soon-to-debut Galaxy Note 10 or one of the best cheap phones — you may find yourself needing to pick out a new cell phone plan, too. Beyond just dollars and cents, you need to consider which phones are supported by which wireless carriers and what coverage and data speeds are like in the area where you’ll use your phone the most.

Throw in carriers’ near-continual plan changes — including multiple tiers of unlimited plans — and it’s a recipe for confusion.

Republic Wireless offers the best mix while keeping your plan under $30.

Every plan features unlimited talk and text for $15 a month; just tack on $5 for each gigabyte of LTE data you use, meaning you can get 2GB along with talk and text for a grand total of $25 every month.

(And if you don't mind restrictions, T-Mobile Essentials is cheaper still at $60 a month.) T-Mobile Magenta features a good price on a strong network, and if you want to upgrade from 480p video streaming to HD, it's just $15 more per month for individuals; if HD streaming is what you prize, though, consider Verizon's $80-a-month Play More plan, which also includes an Apple Music subscription along with 720p video support.

View Deal Verizon, a month (5GB) Verizon has pared back its tiered data plans to just one option for individuals, but it's a really good option.

View Deal Metro by T-Mobile, a month Several prepaid carriers offer monthly plans with unlimited 4G LTE data, but Metro by T-Mobile remains the best, thanks to its superior network performance and perks.

Metro gives you unlimited data for a month, with 5GB of LTE hotspot data and access to Google One cloud storage.

Sprint's basic unlimited plan is cheaper than T-Mobile Magenta, but its network isn't as fast.

The entry-level plans from Verizon And AT&T both carry too many restrictions, relative to T-Mobile's plan.


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