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BUILDING YOUR COMPANY’S VISIONA vision includes 2 parts- Core ideology never dies.This consists of core values, regarding the passion; and core purpose, stating the reason for being.- Invisioned Future has a certain level of unreasonable confidence and commitment.Imitation can screw up business.- A strategy always has trade-offs. THE FIVE COMPETITIVE FORCES THAT SHAPE STRATEGY5 Forces to Analyze an Industry- Threat of new entry, including supply side Economics of Scale, demand side benefit of scale, customer switching costs, capital requirement, incumbency advantages independence of size, unequal access to distribution channels, restrictive government policy.

I found almost all the articles presented in this book very enlightening and filled with a lot of "aha" moments.

The book is written in Harvard's traditional case study method and may be a bit jargon heavy specifically for users who come from a non-management background/expertise but is a very fulfilling read for The book's cover title says it all - "If you've read nothing else on strategy, read these definitive articles from HBR".

The book is written in Harvard's traditional case study method and may be a bit jargon heavy specifically for users who come from a non-management background/expertise but is a very fulfilling read for any professional who wants to expand his knowledge regarding strategising.

2 favourite quotes:"Good decision making doesn't end with a decision; it ends with implementation.

The objective shouldn't be consensus, which often becomes an obstacle to action, but buy in.""you're better off with agood collection of tools to think about business strategy & its implementation - 50/50 if not 20/80 - because the single most important principle reinforced here is something i've already witnessed to be true in corporate reality: strategy is only ever as good as its execution.


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