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The Business School uses APA style for referencing.

The APA Style Guide does not have a separate style for case studies.

For background you may need to undertake company or industry research.

Consult our Companies and Industry and product information guides for additional resources. In A number of business databases include case studies on companies or industries, and some journal articles are in effect case studies.

discusses her professional experience, her approach to creating impact through the built environment, and her advice for aspiring real estate professionals in a recent interview with Conor O’Neill ’17.

Loyola University Libraries and the Quinlan School of Business provide access to the Wharton Research Data Services.

Chubb, like other companies in the insurance industry, recognized the need for innovation. How to go beyond imposing solutions from the top down to create a culture of change within the organization?

“Our organization was looking to identify what was keeping our agents and brokers from moving forward and building a realization about what is shifting on the landscape and how they need to respond. People are walking away understanding what is keeping them from moving forward in their organizations.

"A research design that takes as its subject a single case or a few selected examples of a social entity - such as communities, social groups, employers, events, life-histories, families, work teams, roles, or relationships - and employs a variety of methods to study them." Scott, J., & Marshall, G. Search for articles which include case type information by including the name of the company, industry or product in your search.

The following databases are worth searching for case studies.


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