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Brutus' wife Portia arrives and tells him he has left her bed and given her unkind looks. He lies, telling her he is sick, to which she responds that it appears to be a sickness of the mind, not of the body.A strong woman of brave lineage, she again begs him to tell her what is wrong, asking him, "Think you I am no stronger than my sex, / Being so fathered and so husbanded? She then stabs herself in the thigh as proof of her courage.

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Caesar acts brave and tells her that he fears nothing, and that he will die when it is necessary for him to die.

The servant returns and tells him that the sacrificed animal did not have a heart, a very bad omen.

Decius tells the group that he knows how to flatter Caesar, and assures them he will convince Caesar to go to the Senate.

Cassius and his followers then depart, leaving Brutus alone.

Brutus then asks Lucius what day it is, and he informs his master that it is the ides of March, or March 15th.

A knock sounds on the door and Lucius leaves to answer it.

Decius overwhelms Caesar's resistance by asking him if the Senate should dissolve until a better time when Calpurnia has more favorable dreams.

Caesar tells Calpurnia that he was acting foolishly, and agrees to go to the Senate.

Alone, Brutus states he has not slept since Cassius first incited him against Caesar.

Cassius, Casca, Decius, Cinna, Metellus and Trebonius, all of them conspirators against Caesar, have arrived at Brutus' home.


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