Causes Of Homelessness In The United States Essay

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Restorative justice, such as community service, seeks to restore the community to its higher sense and level of safety and security before the crime. Transformative justice, such as probation before judgment, rests on the hope that the offender will not offend again and that his victims will not seek revenge.

Borrowing a distinction from distributive justice, we can imagine how each of the three theories of distributive justice would approach commutative justice.

The egalitarian, argues that every person in America has a right to an equal right of the economy, and would require that contracts be available equally to all people and that all parties to the contract benefit equally.

In this view, the interests of the would-be people and the homeless must be compared with the interests of the larger community. Having difficulties with choosing your research topic?

Virtue theory addresses the shortcomings of each theory of distributive justice by insisting that in any given case we must distribute public health services in a way that is neither deficient nor excessive. The deadlines are pressing and you have no time to handle all your academic assignments?

This appears to be a difficult but not impossible task. Homeless Families and the Housing Crisis in the United States.

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Still others insist on greater individual responsibility and more respect for the needs of business, reinforced by aggressive criminal justice responses. In broad terms, these two theories come under the general heading of retributive justice since they also attempt to answer the question, how should one respond to someone who has acted unjustly? For virtue theory, recall that justice means giving people exactly what they deserve no more and no less but how do we determine what someone deserves retributively? Constantly Compromised: The Impact of Homelessness in Children. The just distribution of goods and services among the Americans is a matter of distributive justice.Fair exchange through contract, covenant, or other agreement that fulfills the rights and responsibilities of all Americans involved is a matter of commutative (contractual) justice.A lively example of this issue is the debate over capital punishment. Most people who regard capital punishment as absolutely wrong believe it is an excessive response to the crime. In this paper will examine a broad range of private and public responses (e.g., laws, policies, programs, and individual behaviors) to the problem of homelessness in America and examine responses in depth from the perspectives of virtue ethics and distributive, commutative, and retributive justice, evaluating competing and conflicting views about the appropriateness of private and public responses to the problem of homelessness and present a balanced conclusion about the justness of each response.Following Aristotle’s lead, we should distinguish among distributive justice, com-mutative justice, and retributive justice.” or “Let him spend the rest of life in prison so he can reflect on what he’s done wrong! ” The virtue theorist who defends capital punishment must show how it can be just, temperate, courageous, and prudent.


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