Cellular Respiration Essay

Most of the living organisms carry out aerobic respiration (by using oxygen of air).For example, humans (man), dogs, cats, lions, elephants, cows, buffaloes, goat, deer, birds, lizards, snakes, earthworms, frogs, fish, and insects (such as cockroach, grasshopper, houseflies, mosquitoes and ants, etc.) and most of the plants carry out aerobic respiration by using oxygen of air (to obtain energy). Anaerobic Respiration: The respiration which takes place without oxygen is called anaerobic respiration.So far we have studied that respiration takes place in the presence of oxygen (of air).

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Thus, muscle cramps occur due to the accumulation of lactic acid in muscles when the muscles respire an aerobically (without oxygen) while doing hard physical exercise.

We can get relief from cramps in muscles caused by heavy exercise by taking a hot water bath or a massage.

The breaking down of glucose (food) during anaerobic respiration in muscles can be represented as follows: The sudden build up of lactic acid in our muscles during vigorous physical activity can cause muscular ‘cramps’.

(The painful contractions of muscles are called cramps). During heavy physical exercise (or any other heavy physical activity), most of the energy in our muscles The accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles causes muscle cramps.

Please note that the whole process of anaerobic respiration takes place in the cytoplasm of cells.

We can carry out the fermentation of sugar by using the anaerobic respiration of yeast as follows: Take some sugar solution (or fruit juice) in a test-tube and add a little of yeast to it.This is because if there is no oxygen, they cannot get energy from the food which they eat.Mitochondria are the sites of aerobic respiration in the cells.Please note that all the organisms which obtain energy by anaerobic respiration can live without oxygen (of air).For example, the single-celled, non-green plant called ‘yeast’ can live without oxygen because it obtains energy by the process of anaerobic respiration.We (the human beings) obtain energy by aerobic respiration.But anaerobic respiration can sometimes take place in our muscles (or the muscles of other animals).This oxygen breaks down lactic acid accumulated in muscles into carbon dioxide and water, and hence gives us relief from cramps.The anaerobic respiration does not take place only in the muscles of human beings, it also takes place in the muscles of other animals such as lion, tiger, cheetah, deer, and many other animals when they run very fast and require much more energy than normal.This means that oxidation of food to obtain energy can occur in the presence of oxygen as well as in the absence of oxygen.Based on this, we have two types of respiration: aerobic respiration and anaerobic respiration.


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