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Is it any wonder, then, that the vast majority of students find writing their college essays to be incredibly daunting?Due to a lack of information, anxiety and a dearth of fundamental knowledge, students often fail to write “winning” essays that can be the difference between whether or not they get in to various schools.But with so many students submitting test scores and grades at the highest level, how is a university able to decide to whom they should offer admission?

Is it any wonder, then, that the vast majority of students find writing their college essays to be incredibly daunting?

Therefore, opinions offered about your college essay by your English teacher may totally miss the mark, as your teacher is without the requisite expertise needed.

Essay coaches share something in common with English teachers: they, too, are NOT professional college counselors.

Your college essays play an incredibly important role in the highly selective admissions process.

Standardized test scores, your GPA and the rigor of your curriculum remain as pivotal pieces of your college application.

Their subjective analysis draws upon many pieces, e.g., your letters of recommendation, your activities and how they’re viewed in the context of “institutional priorities,” your “special status” as an athlete or legacy and so forth.

Your essays are very highly valued in this analysis.Keep in mind that the college personal statement is a very different beast than the five-paragraph essays that make up your high school writing assignments.Admissions officers are evaluating your essays in an exceedingly different light than your English teacher.This post is for anyone who has asked themself, "should I apply for FAFSA?" Don't leave financial aid for college on the table, since billions of federal student aid goes unclaimed, when these grants for college could actually be in your wallet.Your guidance and/or college counselors do not have the time to work with you on an individual basis through multiple drafts of your multiple essays.Alternatively, filled with hubris, some students believe that because they receive strong grades in English and read a book on “successful Ivy League essays,” that they are well equipped to write an outstanding personal statement.These universities understand that it is expensive to visit but want to give you the opportunity to tour, wander, and explore their schools campus. Easily the most under-loved portion of the Common Application: the additional info section. Read more for a few more helpful tips for writing a college application personal statement that packs a punch.Ever ask yourself, "what should I study in college? Show your application reader more sides of you by briefly writing about grading problems, IB Extended Essay Topics, things that didn't fit on your other sections (AP scores, extracurricular activities), or even mental health issues. Just ask yourself yourself: what special qualities do I possess that I would want to put in my college application? I'll show you how to brainstorm them and then use them in your common app personal statement, additional info section, and extracurricular activities list. Kick things off with the two greatest brainstorming exercises ever, learn about the four types of college essays, check out some amazing example essays, and get on your way to writing your own killer personal statement. Don't let your senioritis give your college an excuse to reverse or to rescind the offer they've made to you.It may actually undermine your chances of getting into a particular school.Ivy Select’s college counselors will help you avoid these types of pitfalls.


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