Compare And Contrast Essay On The Canterbury Tales

Although the physical description of Dame Alice is not as unpleasant as the portrait of the old woman, there is notable mimicry between the two women.The old woman is described by the knight as, "A fouler wight ther may no man devise." (Chaucer: line 1005), the old woman also quotes him later as saying she was "foul and old" (Chaucer: line 1219).

Due to the similarities of the women one could successfully argue that The Wife of Bath, sees herself somewhere in the old hags character, as becoming the old hag, yet hoping to transform into the young and beautiful maiden.

Ultimately, the massive affiliation between the prologue and the tale is the likeness between both the fifth husband, Jankyn and the knight.

For centuries, children stories have been a valuable tool in teaching lessons and morals.

Like most stories that one was read as a child, there lies a life lesson that the author is trying to portray. It was important to respect the elders in that day in culture and still is today.

The most apparent similarities that clearly depict the comparison between the prologue and the tale are dominance of both women over their husbands, the duplication of appearance between the old hag and Dame Alice and finally the reality is that the fifth husband and the knight are very alike in personality.

Although there are some contrasts amid the prologue and the tale, the resemblance far outweigh them.

The knight as well had to give his wife, the old woman mastery in order to be able to live blissfully, in letting her make her own decision he was rewarded by living a enchanting life, "And thus they live unto hir lives ende In parfit joye." (Chaucer: line: 1264).

Consequently, these three claims help support the notion that the Wife of Bath's Tale is fashioned to echo her life, or at least what she described of it in her prologue.

Whether it was told orally like the story Beowulf or written by an author like Chaucer who wrote The Canterbury Tales, there are life lessons that are being taught through the characters and their challenges that they endure. They discover a prodigious amount of gold but greedy for more, the three men kill each other in hopes to get the others share.

The main character and hero in the story Beowulf, Beowulf shows many heroic traits that German culture valued at that time. Through the characters actions, the audience can take away from this that greed is the root of all evil.


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