Conceptual Framework For Research Proposal

Are there examples of successful institutional arrangements?· Do farmers have more or less choice of market outlet following the reforms?

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Conceptual Framework For Research Proposal Mla Formatted Essay

Fully implemented reforms, which liberalize the economy or increase its openness, may be expected to improve both price transmission from border to producer, and the ability of producers to respond.

Figure 16.2 shows the relationship between trade reforms and a set of food security indicators, and lists examples of the key modifying parameters.

Columns 1, 3 and 5 depict an elaboration of the simple causal relationship from Figure 16.1.

It is these parameters that account for the diversity of national- and household-level responses to a policy change both between and within countries.

The framework proposed incorporates some significant components of that developed by Mc Culloch et al.: the extent of price transmission, the ability of farmers to respond to price changes and the impact of this response upon farm enterprise profitability, labour use and real incomes in the local economy, and changes in the government fiscal position and its response in terms of changes in poverty reducing expenditure.


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