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For example, our students effectively employ reading strategies to comprehend a text, but are often stymied by a lack of vocabulary or complex syntax.We've also learned most of our students can coherently develop a claim, citing the appropriate evidence to support it when choosing from a restricted universe of data.

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There are two main arguments against using standardized tests to guarantee that students reach at least a basic level of academic competency.

The first is radical: These tests are not necessary.

The second—less radical and more familiar—is that, even if standardized testing were an efficient benchmark of basic skills, the costs associated with it are too high.

Standardized tests are unnecessary because they rarely show what we don't already know.

What's also started to happen is that teachers who use the same standards and rubrics, assign the same performance tasks, and grade each other's work are finding their letter grades starting to align.

It’s wonderful to see all the protests around the country against standardized testing.

They aren't as good when the universe of data is broadened.

They are mediocre at analysis, counter-arguments, rebuttals, and evaluation of sources, though they have recently gotten better at evaluating sources as we have improved our instruction and formative assessments.

Ask any teacher and she can tell you which students can read and write. Locally publish a compilation of evaluation reports. Grade data means nothing because teachers apply different standards with different values. And won't this proposal create a whole new bureaucracy?

That telling usually comes in the form of letter grades or evaluations that break down progress on skills. Release a state or national report reviewed and verified by expert evaluators with legislative oversight. " All true (except for the one test being reliable).


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