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Young black men are more likely to be car thieves; white cops are more likely to abuse black suspects; and Persians have bad tempers.Of course, the story also makes the point that some members of these groups violate the stereotype.’s backstory has garnered nearly as much attention as the plot itself.

The film’s unique combination of a star-studded cast—including Don Cheadle, Sandra Bullock, and Terrence Howard—and relatively-low budget demonstrated the “passion” behind the project.

Following its release in 2004, Haggis’s directorial debut was initially met with rave reviews.

I normally wouldn’t want to watch a movie in which “A series of racially charged events connects the lives of a disparate lot of Los Angelenos,” (full review here) but the reviews of Crash were so glowing that I made an exception. The story, the writing, and the performances are all great – and it’s now available on DVD.

The trite official theme of the movie – the evils of narrow-minded prejudice – could have sunk the whole project.

But that “insight” is basic to all statistical reasoning.

goes on to show that statistical discrimination sometimes gives way to sheer malevolence and sadism.Though initially met with acclaim, has faced increasing criticism in recent years for its insensitive treatment of racial issues.Critics found many of the film’s characters unrealistic and existent solely within the defined confines of their predetermined stereotype.People who are below-average for their group make life worse for people who are above-average for their group.Women who get job training and then quit to have children hurt the careers of single-minded career women, because they reduce the profitability of the average woman.After all, there are comparatively few young, black men.Are young black men likely (in absolutel terms- not just compared to other groups) to be car thieves? There is an experiment going on in Sweden to try to remove these externalitites coming from statistical discrimination.The audience becomes acquainted with an African American detective who is estranged from his mother and his younger brother, a criminal with gang affiliations.Additionally, the film profiles the district attorney and his spoiled, irritable wife; a racist police officer and his young partner who is repelled by his attitude; and a black Hollywood director and his wife.Further, many academics have argued that the portrayal of race in actually reinforces the issues it aims to critique.Many critics argue that the film’s portrayal of flat characters is particularly damaging, as it ends up solidifying racial and ethnic categories into eternal types.


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