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In this point of view, the reader becomes an outsider looking in on the story as it’s told from the main character’s perspective using he/she/they.

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Let’s look at the options available to you as a writer.

You’ve probably come across this one before, as it’s one of the most popular points of view (POV) used in fiction, especially in Young Adult novels.

This places the reader directly into the story as though they are the main character and has a very engaging effect.

Let’s look at an example from Leo Tolstoy’s short story trio, Yes !

This time, I’ll limit the point of view to Mary’s perspective only: “Did you find your keys? In modern fiction, this technique is the preferred way of telling a story with multiple characters.

Examples: If you need multiple perspectives to tell your story you might use multiple POV or experiment with third person omniscient.

From a police officer to a news reporter to an ordinary bystander, each had a different story to tell of the same event.

And that, my friend, is point of view–the “lens” or perspective through which a story is told, and in whose voice. In fiction, different points of view use varying techniques to give the reader a different experience.

Each witness had a different point of view of the assassination attempt from their place in the crowd.

Each one saw and experienced the moment differently.


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