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You’ll find a copy of that Benchmark here on the NAWE website.

NAWE has since worked with the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) on an official Creative Writing Benchmark which was published early in 2016.

We’ve analysed this figure so you can see at a glance whether it’s high, typical or low compared to the average graduate salary for other subjects.

Bear in mind that there may be big variations in this figure at a course-level.

In addition, Creative Writing researchers often consider critical questions concerning Creative Writing practice and the results of this practice; for example, structural or stylistic questions, questions of form and function, or questions of authorship.

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Equally Creative Writing research might be driven by thematic or subject-based ideas, concerns with cultural conditions, the psychology or emotive context of Creative Writing, or explorations of Creative Writing aesthetics.And staying connected with the wider writing community.The ongoing network will be coordinated by Philippa Holloway, Ph D Graduate Teaching Assistant, Edge Hill University, and Seraphima Kennedy, NAWE Programme Director.Creative writing courses aren't just for budding authors, but could suit anyone who wants to develop their written and spoken communication skills for careers such as advertising, publishing or journalism.You study novels, poetry, plays and screenplays for inspiration, develop your own writing skills and learn to critically assess your own work. Stories may rather easily come to mind, but it takes time, effort and skill to put pen to paper and create what is in your mind - and even then, you'll hate a lot of what you've written and want to start again.QAA Creative Writing Benchmark Creative Writing research can take many forms, but at its heart are the activities of writing creatively.That is, those engaging in Creative Writing research are active creative writers, producing creative works as key parts of their research explorations.There are sometimes meeting points and there are sometimes shared experiences.There are unique, but sometimes connected, discoveries being made.Degrees can include workshops with practising writers and publishers, the opportunity to showcase your work at literary events and residential writing courses. Creative writing is a subject that requires a lot of effort and input, it requires you to get involved in class and share your work and ideas, because you never know where someone's feedback will lead you.Creative writing is a subject that seems like a laidback one - a bit of story writing and you're done, easy, right? Ultimately, though, when you finally get that 'bit of story writing' spot on and just how you like it, the effort is all worth it. 1st year, University of Essex The content of the course is tailored towards improving you as a writer, not telling how to write or imposing how/ what they think you should be writing, but encouraging your own creativity and helping you build upon your 'writer's toolbox'.


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