Critical Lens Essay Template

Keep in mind, there is no need to retell to your readers the plot of texts you have chosen. In the last paragraph of your document, you need to restate a thesis.

Here you should also put a meaning of the chosen quote.

This quote explains that thanks to books, people can learn many lessons about life. Life is not always happy and easy, it is important to overcome difficulties and move forward. He wants to live a luxury life with his former love, Daisy.

The woman is married to another man, suddenly she falls in love with Gatsby. This shows to us that love can be cruel and a relationship is a complicated thing that not always makes people happy. As the book shows, a luxury life, full of money, corruption, and lies just led Gatsby to death.

Eventually, they spend much more time making their paper compared to those people who made an outline.

It is a detailed plan for your future work, we suggest spending enough time for its writing.Without a good outline, you risk to end up with a mess.Some students think this is not an important step, they prefer to skip it.He says that he will catch fish that will make him famous, and it really happens.Santiago comes back with just a fish skeleton due to the tragedy.Remember, this piece of writing requires meticulous attention and knowledge of the essay structure.Follow our simple, effective guide to creating a perfect paper without wasting your time and nerves.If you are asking yourself "How to write a critical lens essay? Fitzgerald support this quote and illustrate to readers the subject of a life journey.", follow our detailed guide to make a strong paper. All you have to do is follow the next steps: The right good book is always a book of travel; it is about life’s journey”. The first book, The Great Gatsby, shows us Jay Gatsby who is a wealthy and handsome man.Both books demonstrate this idea and illustrate to readers lives of other people full of happiness and sadness, wealth and poverty, success and defeat.When you are making this type of work, please remember that you have to follow a standard format pattern.


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