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Critical Thinking Skills Worksheets-72
Have students research the function of the liver and write a paragraph explaining in detail how alcohol can affect this organ. Heart: Short-term: Slowed heart rate; Long-term: High blood pressure; 2.Kidneys: Short-term: Produce more urine; Long-term: Kidney failure; 3.

Critical Thinking Skills Worksheets A Life Purpose Statement Of Personal Philosophy/Beliefs/Core Values

Bonus Worksheet 3: Writing Workshop (PDF)Objective: To have students think critically about the consequences of underage alcohol use.

Various types of repeating and growing/decreasing patterns has been used to stimulate logical thinking for preschool as well as kindergarten.

These picture matching worksheets are apt for developing and improving visual discrimination skills in your child.

Start a classroom discussion about how the effects of alcohol on the brain may actually harm their relationships with peers. Cerebral Cortex: Decision-making; Act without thinking; 2.

Cerebellum: Coordinating everyday movement; Loss of balance; 3. Central Nervous System: Sending signals through the body; Slow movement; 5. Hippocampus: Memory; Difficulty learning Bonus Worksheet 2: Charting the Consequences (PDF) Objective: To reinforce the facts about the harmful effects of alcohol on the body.


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