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Rumors spread that witch craft is involved in Betty's illness and thedevelopment of the plot begins.

Rumors spread that witch craft is involved in Betty's illness and thedevelopment of the plot begins.Important to the major development of the plotis the fact that in the forest, Abigail and the others were just playing likewitches.As a result, the reader projects the narrator's commentary onto Putnam's character and anticipates Putnam's false accusations against rival landowners.

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In addition to historical background on significant characters, the interruptions also include social commentary within the exposition.

The question arises whether or not a director should include these narrative sections, some of which are four pages long, within the play itself.

If the actor knows the passage that states that Putnam was "a deeply embittered man" who attempted to challenged his father's will because his father left the largest portion of money to his stepbrother, then the actor can internalize this quality of Putnam.

These background passages result in a more effective portrayal of greed and a more believable character.

Lengthy exposition pieces that are not glossed as stage directions periodically appear in the written play.

For example, at the beginning of Act I, Miller provides stage directions for the set, props, and position of Parris and Betty on stage.

Parris finds hisniece Abigail Williams and his daughter Betty along with his slave Tituba doingsome dance in the forest.

Right when he finds them, Betty becomes sick andwon't talk or open her eyes, about this time other people's daughters becomesick too.

Secondly, individual actors read the lines differently, using diverse voice inflections, gestures, and body language to give each interpretation its own style.

Miller also provides yet another opportunity for variety, not just for the director and actors, but also for the audience and reader.


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