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Cocktail Coaster Templates PDF - 90mm Circular - Plain Edge (White Tissue) PDF - 90mm Circular - Plain Edge (Black Tissue) PDF - 90mm Circular - Scalloped Edge (White Tissue) PDF - 90mm Circular - Scalloped Edge (Black Tissue) PDF - 90mm Circular - Daisy Edge (White Tissue) PDF - 90mm Circular - Daisy Edge (Black Tissue) PDF - 90mm Square - Straight Corners (White Tissue) PDF - 90mm Square - Straight Corners (Black Tissue) PDF - 90mm Square - Rounded Corners (White Tissue) PDF - 90mm Square - Rounded Corners (Black Tissue) We have now received our items and we are very pleased with the fast turnaround and very professional finish.I personally will be recommending them to colleagues and clients and no doubt will be using them again in the future.When folks think about paper cups, they visualise trees being cut for paper, they typically visualise that old oak in the field, the birds, the squirrels, and even worst, the depleting rainforests, the rising global temperatures.

Branded Paper Cups have been continuously promoting the shift of the printed paper cup industry towards Bodegradable Paper Cups with PLA Coated Paper replacing the standard PE Coated Paper and making them 100% biodegradable.

Branded Paper Cups have been continuously upgrading its state of the art printed paper cups factory to meet higher standards of quality and sustainability while being able to deliver at speeds that are otherwise unthinkable of by many.

Cardboard coasters are cheap and most reliable way to advertise your business.

Create effective marketing opportunities with our Custom Coasters for prospective customers and guests walking through the doors of your bars, restaurants, and food shops.

Packaging is white-labelled as standard so we can deliver direct to your client if required. We will always provide PDF proofs for your approval before going to print.

Yes, all our cocktail coasters are supplied with a wax-backing as standard, however we can produce coasters without a wax-backing if required.All our cocktail coasters have a waxed-backing which prevents moisture from seeping through, helping to protect your bar or table top.Our standard size coaster is 90mm (more sizes available on request) and comes in a range of shapes (see images below).Standard tissue colours are white, black or cream, however we can also provide red, green, blue and grey on request.our express delivery coasters are only available on the 90mm Round - Plain Edge coaster in white or black tissue.As standard we provide white, black or cream tissue cocktail coasters; however, we can supply other colour tissues on request - please contact us for a custom quote. Yes, the most common foils are gold, silver and copper. Traditional printing doesn't stand out well on black tissue and so we only offer foiling.Foil colours available include White, Gold, Silver, Copper, Rose Gold, Blue, Purple, Green, Orange and more.Deco coasters from For Your add a personal touch and a sense of style to your wedding, party or other special occasion.Use our on-page editor to make your own custom decorative coasters that are perfectly suited to help you and your guests celebrate your one-of-a-kind event.But the fact is that currently there are managed tree farms, places where trees are grown as a crop for lumbering, these monitered farms keep planting trees similar to how a farmer plants new seeds after that season's harvest.only that in case of those massive trees, this harvesting cycle is usually over twenty years.


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