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Such a gruesome novel can make one wonder what the motivation was to create these literary works.Being exiled from Florence and never returning to the place he once called home influenced the creation of the Inferno....[tags: Dante's Inferno Essays] - Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy is an epic poem that begins with the Inferno. Those that are intentional and calculated are deemed more heinous than those that are out of passion....

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It is also written in such a way that sometimes it is difficult to understand some parts, you sometimes have to read it backwards to get a better understanding.

The way Dante characterizes the dark woods has a lot of ideas taken from various traditions....

[tags: divine justice, dante's inferno, hypocrites] - In Dante’s Inferno, Dante is taken on a journey through hell.

On this journey, Dane sees the many different forms of sins, and each with its own unique contrapasso, or counter-suffering.

He assigns them to different sections of Hell for the severity of their sins in their previous life.

If Dante were alive and making revisions to the Inferno today, he would put Superman, Brian Griffin from "Family Guy", Xerxes from "300", Scar from "The Lion King", Squidward Tentacles from "Spongebob Squarepants", for the various sins that they have committed in their past lives.

The people being referred to in this level are those who die before accepting Christianity.

All the individuals who die non-Christians, including philosophers who typically do not associate themselves with any religion are going to be condemned to this level for eternity....

[tags: Dante's Inferno Essays] - In Canto XXIII of Dante's Inferno, the hypocrites, especially Caiaphas, provide an excellent example of Divine Justice as contrapasso.

The hypocrites presented their ideas as pure and good, while in reality, they did not act according to their supposed morality or practice the virtues that they preached.


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