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Thus, if a legend said of a notable hero that “all men spoke of his prowess” any bard who valued his life would add hastily “except for a couple of people in his home village who thought he was a liar, and quite a lot of other people who had never really heard of him.” Poetic simile was strictly limited to statements like “his mighty steed was as fleet as the wind on a fairly calm day, say about Force Three,” and any loose talk about a beloved having a face that launched a thousand ships would have to be backed by evidence that the object of desire did indeed look like a bottle of champagne.” ― “I look at him and my body reacts in a way that it never has before, even in the throes of passion.I look at him and I start aching so deep inside it takes all I can to think, to breathe, to speak.Stories typically have a beginning, a middle, and an end. The people who inhabit the story and move it forward.

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Royalty abounds in it.” ― “Ingeborg hører sin egen latter og synes, den lyder som en fugl, der bliver skræmt fra sin rede i buskadset og flakser desperat hen over himlen, men den største overraskelse ligger i, at den ikke bliver skudt ned.” ― “In return for their faithful service, they would receive Red Army food rations, which amounted to a generous ladle, twice daily, from a cauldron into which all appropriated food was thrown.

The stew boiled twenty-four hours a day, a fatty broth of onions, roosters, rabbits, dead horse, turnips - whatever they happened on in the course of their collecting forays - the Red Army essentially lived off the countryside.” ― “War is our backyard, famine our feast.

All we can do is use a word as an indicator, or a whole bunch of words as a general directive.

But the ominous thing in the crow's flight, the bare-faced, bandit thing, the tattered beggarly gipsy thing, the caressing and shaping yet slightly clumsy gesture of the down-stroke, as if the wings were both too heavy and too powerful, and the headlong sort of merriment, the macabre pantomime ghoulishness and the undertaker sleekness - you could go on for a very long time with phrases of that sort and still have completely missed your instant, glimpse knowledge of the world of the crow's wingbeat.

The type of voice a girl could have been easily consumed by.” ― “It is not enough to say the crow flies purposefully, or heavily, or rowingly, or whatever.

There are no words to capture the infinite depth of crowiness in the crow's flight.But, god, I want to step into that flame.” ― tags: descriptive, descriptive-prose, descriptive-writing, erotic, erotic-quotes, erotic-romance, erotica, erotica-romance, flames, flames-quotes, hyperbole, metaphor, sexy, sexy-romance, simile, similes “His voice was soothing ans commanding all at once, like the crackle of flames devouring wood.Fierce and fatal, yet somehow steady and reassuring.And a bookload of such descriptions is immediately rubbish when you look up and see the crow flying.” ― “And yet the hope of this paradise had not been enough to save him from a course which shut him out of it forever.Instead of keeping fast hold of the strong silken rope by which Nancy would have drawn him safe to the green banks where it was easy to step firmly, he had let himself be dragged back into the mud and slime, in which it was useless to struggle.Most fear the wind of our wings and even, in their hurt, pray for life. The term rhetorical modes refers to the different styles and techniques we use when we write. Sometimes this is the primary mode of an essay—writing a narrative essay about a particular event or experience, and sometimes this is a component used within an essay, much like other evidence is offered, to support a thesis.He’s like the brightest flame and it takes everything in me to resist its call.I know that if I give in, I’ll get burned so deeply, there might be nothing left once I come out the other side.This chapter will discuss different modes, explaining the specific aspects and techniques involved in these methods of communication. This chapter will discuss the basic components of narration, which can be applied either as a stand-alone essay or as a component within an essay.As you read about these, remember that the rhetorical mode a writer chooses depends on his/her purpose for writing. Ultimately, narrative writing tries to relay a series of events in an emotionally engaging way.


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