Discipline Writing Assignments

Should you divide your paper into sections with subheadings? In Sample Assignment A above, from a course on Soviet history, the key plural noun is “factors.” You will probably want to organize your paper around the factors that led to the collapse of the Soviet Union and your explanation of why those were the most important ones.How much space (i.e., depth and details) should you go into about each factor? In Sample Assignment B above, from the biochemical engineering course, the key plural noun in part a is “motivations” (or reasons), answering the question why; you will want to organize section 1 around those reasons or motivations.

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Recognizing that you have to make choices to narrow and focus what you’re doing is a big part of successfully interpreting a fairly general paper assignment like this one.

Here are some examples of the kinds of questions you need to think about for this paper: Which two small ecosystems do you want to analyze and describe?

As you read, you should underline or highlight the key elements of the assignment. As you analyze your assignment, you will want to make sure to identify the central tasks in it so that you can be sure that you do those in your paper—and that you make it explicit to readers that you are foregrounding or emphasizing that work in your paper.

Ask about your assignment— Most academic writing assignments have a central task or a couple of central tasks—essentially jobs you need to do in your paper. Here are some sample assignments from undergraduate courses, annotated to show how to identify the central task in the assignment. Interpreting this assignment: the central task here is to “explain the collapse of the Soviet Union” by naming and explaining “the most important factors that led to the collapse.” As you plan your paper, you will want to focus always on identifying a few of the most important factors that led to the collapse.

What’s an appropriate size for a “small ecosystem”?

Discipline Writing Assignments

Which two will be different enough to make for interesting comparisons?How can you schedule your observations so that you have sufficient time to observe deeply—and so that you can return again to refine and add to your observations?How can you effectively organize the notes you take as you observe each system, around “significant environmental factors” such as “soil, plant life, insect life, humans, etc.”?Address the following: Interpreting this assignment: The first part of this assignment offers background information, givens for this particular assignment.Your group’s central task is to find, read, and understand the literature on your specific topic and to come up with answers to the questions and tasks in 1-4.Be sure to provide evidence to support your argument. That thesis statement should say some version of “The collapse of the Soviet Union resulted from . But above all, your central task in your paper is to identify the most important factors leading to the collapse.SAMPLE B From the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, from a course on biochemical engineering: The chemicals of life include lipids, sugars, nucleic acids, and proteins, as you have encountered in your biology and biochemistry coursework and reading.This page offers advice to help you read and understand assignments carefully—so that you can get your paper off to a strong start.Educational research makes it clear that too often students do not read an assignment closely enough, missing key elements and often underestimating the complexity of the assignment (Nelson).How can you keep the focus on analyzing “the [emphasis added] of significant environmental factors,” rather than just describing those factors?Does this paper need a thesis statement of some sort, one that sums up the ecosystems and makes a claim about , and one that compares the two?


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