Dissertations About Parent Involvement

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The use of multilingual facilitators, hands-on learning, and discussions at the workshop proved to benefit parents greatly.

The parent involvement methods used by Early Beginnings that occurred during this research study had varying degrees of impact on parents and the ways they facilitate learning in the home.

Research has shown that there can be a positive impact on the child’s academic achievement when parents are closely involved with the child’s schooling.

When parents are involved in the school, they understand what is being taught in the classroom and are usually encouraged to extend the learning at home. When parents are invested and show an interest in their child’s school, they develop a sense of pride for the school and tend to support the school and teachers in their decisions.

The researcher recommended the school write a grant to provide training for staff and parents, transportation for the parents and an extra translator to be hired at the school.

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Implementing these changes will allow this rural elementary school to continue to improve Hispanic parental involvement.

The purpose of this qualitative study was to examine parent involvement practices of the Early Beginnings Head Start program and to determine the impact that parent involvement has on the early language and literacy development of preschool children.

Although parent involvement practices are evident throughout Head Start programs, the specific practices and the effectiveness of early language and literacy acquisition from one preschool site to another may differ.

Comparing administrator, teacher, and parent perceptions about the school’s parental involvement concluded the research.

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