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Dissertations And Theses Cuhk-59
BSc(Hons); MPhil (CUHK); Pg C THE (HKPoly U); Ph D (HKU) Research interests (in conjunction with Applied Science Team Members): Solid phase extraction technique from water body; Metal-organic polymeric hybrid materials; Molecular design forlight emitting materials, and organic optoelectronics; Greener production and clean technology in eco-design of catalysts for environmentally friendly reactions, Management of self-assembling properties in functional gelating materials, Quality controlled production of monodisperse macromolecular materials.

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For enquiries about the programmes, please contact: Dr Angus Wong tel: 2768 6824 email: [email protected] Dr Steven Choy tel: 2768 6857 email: [email protected] Guidebook for Research Postgraduate Programmes The Doctor of Engineering Thesis is a supervised research project.

Each student will be assigned a supervisor - and occasionally two, depending on the area of research.

Tse Chun Fung, Wong Yuk Yan and Yip Chun Fai, "The Essay on the Airport Planning and Management", supervised by Dr. Siu Hong Lee, "A Theory of Institutional Inertia : the Middle-Income Trap and Public Policies in Developing Countries". Chow, "Study of the Relationship between The Salary And GDP in Hong Kong". Si Lok Wu, "A study in reaching a "revenue-neutral" arrangement to improve the traffic situation amongst the three road harbour crossings".

Li, "Do People who Work More Hours Earn More in Hong Kong? Lam Chor Wan, "Effects of Demographic Changes on Savings (Based on the Life-cycle Hypothesis)".Explore this great e-resource on Chinese Studies at I am currently a Research Fellow in the Department of Computing at Imperial College, advised by Prof. The thesis will be assessed by a board of examiners consisting of internal and external examiners.The thesis may be completed in eighteen months or more. Man-Kit Ho, "The Introduction of Private Ambulance Services in Hong Kong". Yem Chi In, “The Economic Impacts of Smoking Ban in Macau Casinos”, supervised by Dr. Ding Yilan, Hu Ye, Lin Pin Yu and Liu Jinci, "The Impact of the Reform of the Hukou System on China’s Economy", supervised by Dr. Hu Lei, Young Sung Kim, Moon Sungeun and Liu Zheming, "How can Hong Kong tackle with its Ageing Population Issue? Ka Ki Cheung, "Analysis of the differences in prices charged in the Mc Donald's restaurants in Hong Kong".You can locate dissertations and theses relevant to your discipline, and view the complete text in PDF format.Ng Pui Ying Debbie, "Usefulness of Tourist Price Index – Comparing TPI with CPI", supervised by Ms. Mao Rui, “The Impact of Property Price on Fertility Behavior: Evidence from Mainland China”, supervised by Dr. Chan Chin Lam, “The Relationship between Infrastructure and Trade of ASEAN and China. Choi-Yin Lee, "The Trend of the Correlation between Education Attainment and Earnings - the Case for Hong Kong 1994-2009".The aim of DISCCRS is to foster such interdisciplinary work by connecting new researchers who are striving to create and integrate knowledge across multiple disciplines and to develop creative solutions to problems relating to climate change.in Chinese Studies is a multi- and inter-disciplinary enterprise covering the study of China across all disciplines.


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