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This wedlock was revealed only after the birth of the first child and the arrival of the second caused rumors.

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She was deserted by her household when she confessed about her marriage and after banishment, the Duchess, her children and her maid was taken to Malfi by her brothers and was never heard of again.

In characterization, The Duchess of Malfi is an immense advance over other contemporary plays.

The Duchess of Malfi is a work of genius that has placed John Webster firmly among the best playwrights in literature.

It is a tragedy in the tradition of the Elizabethan revenge play but it considerably modifies and enriches that tradition.

Webster was successful in making the revengers, the Cardinal and Duke Ferdinand, look repugnant and detestable, while the traditional revenger was always capable to rouse the admiration and sympathy of the audience.

Here we admire the innocence and fortitude of the Duchess, and in proportion hate the two brothers as monsters of inequity.

Physical corruption is suggested by diseases such as leprosy and consumption.

There are frequent references to poison and some to magic and witchcraft.

Functional imagery adds to the gloomy atmosphere of the play.

The most important image that dominates the play can be identified as prison or trap that indicates confinement.


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