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I received this through the many issues and conflicts throughout the stories, especially the ones that had to do with the over use of power.

It is still a keen area of debate whether it remains relevant for readers of this generation - I certainly believe it is, and the fact that it is still studied as part of the United Kingdom’s English Literature curriculum would add further credence to this opinion.Animal Farm is set in a farmyard where the animals decide to seize the farmer's land and create a co-operative that reaps the benefits of their combined labours.However, some animals see a bigger share of the rewards than others, and the animals start to question their supposed utopia.A Book for the Ages Animal Farm is a timeless piece of literature which feels like a modern masterpiece.It tells a deeply engrossing story with many dramatic twists within its relatively small number of pages.Animal Farm follows the rise and fall of an animal rebellion against the farmer, Mr. The opening speech given by Old Major creates a vision for the revolution and presents a promising future for the farm.As the story progresses, Jones and other farmers work to fight this revolution in the “Animal Farm.” Along with this conflict, the foundation of this new society where “all animals are equal” (Orwell 14) begins to crumble.This animal representation is done so masterfully that it works perfectly as a standalone story, without the reader needing any prior knowledge on the topic.Overall, Animal Farm takes creates a unique story and breaks many common conventions to create a compelling narrative.This 94-page book is the best book I have ever read and I am glad I read it! This book was assigned to me in my senior English class. He tells a story of The Russian Revolution through Animal Farm.He express his opinions on the circumstances, while also exposing the corrupt system in communism. The theme i received from this story was the corruption in the Soviet Union.


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