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Maybe don’t publish your next book extracts on Facebook, it could impact your IPR (Intellectual property rights.) So, convinced? I earn a small commission on some – it doesn’t affect your price, in fact it could save you money- others I just love anyway so wanted to share with you.I’ve shared a few prompts here, or you can download the FREE ebook ‘Creative Writing Prompts’ with 29 ideas for you to dip into, alongside other writerly tips, for the next time you’re ’stuck.’ Remember to ban the words ‘writer’s block’ from your mind, you’re not blocked, it’s a mindset shift. ***** How about a more drastic move from current times to historical, not with time travel although that’s happening quite a bit lately, just move your whole plot to a different century. You’re supporting my work, enabling me to continue writing and keep this website and content free to you, thank you!You can use them as ideas, drop them in a folder (I use Scrivener) for later. It can be alien invaders landing on the wrong planet, through to a fairy prince coming across a tower in the woods with a princess locked in. ***** If you’re still struggling with embedding your writing habit, go have a look at my 28 day online course ‘No More Excuses’ I’d love to hear how you write your way through your creative sticking points.

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In order to get into a writing flow state, you have to simply start writing while you’re NOT in a flow state.

And that’s why you get “writer’s block." Many potential writers never get a grasp on this idea, and that’s why they fight a lifelong, uphill battle against “writer’s block." I put “writer’s block" in quote marks, because once you understand how to get into a writing flow state you realize that Author Bryan Cohen has been writing on the subject of writer's block and personal development since 2007, though he's been a playwright, poet and fiction writer since 2001.

It’s exactly this flow state that attracts us to the craft of writing – it’s what sends a shiver down our spine when we write. You can’t force your way into it, and the harder you try to fore it, the harder it becomes to access that state.

That’s why staring at a blank page can often make your blockages even worse.

It's also useful for intermediate writers who want to hone their craft or professionals looking to expand their skill set.

This is a guide to help writers edit their own works.This book has popular genres - Crime, Romance, Horror... From Story Software, makers of Story Turbo, the top creative writing app This document describes a composition project that I have successfully used during my years of teaching at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.and How to get Ideas, plus extracts from our Fiction and Script writing books, and some non-fiction guides too. The composition project is to write a Problem-Solving Letter that gives the reader information that the reader can use. AHMED, Author of Io Hunter and the Guardians of Aldernar: Destroying the Decimator Well Wishes from a Prompt is the book you need—in a format you have not encountered.Just say to your self ‘I’m a writer’ grab a glass of water and go start writing. ) https:// Independent Freedom Creative/ If you enjoyed this post, CLICK HERE and I’ll make sure you receive my newsletter, so you’ll not miss out on future giveaways or blog content.I’d love you to share this post with any creatives you know!This is practical writing, as opposed to academic research papers that teachers grade and return to their students. A mixture of education, entertainment, and thought-provoking questions, you will learn to write better while sitting back and enjoying short stories from a variety of genres.Designed in house by the Needle In The Hay editorial team, How To Write A Short Story in 7 Days is an introductory toolkit for novice writers looking to take their first foray into the format.Cohen has a degree in English from the University of North Carolina.He currently lives in Chicago, Illinois where he also acts and does improv comedy. OK, so why have I titled this post promising you a way to get past that block? If I hire a plumber, I don’t expect them to say ‘No I can’t come today because I’m blocked! I love Jeffrey Archer best selling books, you might not be aware of his writing routine.’ When you’re employed to do an office or factory job, you can’t ring your boss one lunchtime and say, ‘I’m not coming in this afternoon, I’m blocked.’ ‘’ I hear you whisper, with a sigh and a creative flounce away to stare at the sky. Some days will be harder than others, some days the unicorns aren’t tiptoeing through the forest, the spies aren’t being secretive, the travel globe isn’t spinning… You could be imagining the millionaire writer sitting next to his private pool, or on a beach with a panama hat and a cocktail, scribbling some creative thoughts on an expensive journal before wandering into the sunset for more inspiration.


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