Elizabeth Blackwell Book Report

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She preferred not to rely on a husband for her income and security.

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Elizabeth Blackwell was the first woman in America to be awarded a medical degree.

She pioneered the education of women in medicine, opening her own medical college for women.

She took a teaching job in a Charleston boarding school.

In 1847, she moved to Philadelphia as it was her greatest wish to be accepted in one of the medical schools there. After the dean and faculty were not able to make a decision, they put the matter to vote in front of the 150 male students of the class on the condition that even if one objected, Blackwell would be denied admission.

The idea of pursuing a career in medicine came to her after a close female friend, who was dying of a painful disease, expressed that Another factor was that she wanted to be engrossed in a pursuit that would keep her independent and away from ordinary marriage.

Elizabeth Blackwell Book Report

She also believed that motherly instincts of women would make them better doctors., a prominent physician in Charleston, who helped her in her pursuit.The sisters closed the school in 1842, and Elizabeth continued teaching students privately.At the age of 21, although romantically attracted to and attractive to men, she resolved to become self-sufficient.In 1831, when Elizabeth was 10, there was political upheaval and uncertainty in Bristol.At that time only 6,000 of the 104,000 city population had the vote.However due to the presence of Blackwell, her classmates turned into well behaved gentlemen. She was acclaimed by her teachers as a superb obstetrician. The accident disabled her both mentally and physically. During the Civil War she supported the North and even said that she would leave U. if the northern states compromised on their stand on slavery.On 4 November 1849, Elizabeth accidentally sprayed contaminated solution in her left eye while treating an infant with a bacterial infection of the eyes. Established in 1874, it was the first medical school in Britain to train women. After her retirement she became more involved in her work as a social and moral reformer both in U. She was involved in several reform movements including those supporting women’s rights, hygiene and family planning.Too much wrongdoing would result in a child being banished to the attic rooms during dinner.Elizabeth enjoyed her childhood and was very happy.Samuel Blackwell was liberal in his views and considered it important that not only his sons but also his daughters were well educated and were given an opportunity to realize their full potential.Several Blackwell children went on to achieve great things.


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