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His birth in a border state made him partial to the south but assassinated by John Wilkes Booth. His intelleginece, leadership skills and humble personality are some of the qualities that will be remeberred of him forever. For historians such as James Mc Pherson, they see Lincoln as the greatest leader in American history.Although Lincoln is no longer here on earth with us, it is his legacy that has lived on forever. For Mc Pherson, Lincoln succeeded in combining military pragmatism with the political ideologies of the North, as well as Lincoln’s own idealism, thus assuring Northern victory.In his second inaugural speech, he focused on this point when he said, “With malice toward none, with charity for all, ?

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Lincoln had no military experience and he only served one term as a Congressman; he was considered to be very inexperienced by the time he took the Presidency (Phillips. Take-Aways Most of the things I found interesting in Lincoln on Leadership are historical facts I was unaware of until I read this book.Quality traits that Lincoln possessed were honesty, integrity and a great devotion towards the rights of the people. It was probably through his impoverished upbringing that he formed such a bond with common folks. Abraham had two siblings, older sister Sarah, who died when was giving birth to her child in 1826; and brother Thomas who died in infancy. His family lived in one room cabin on the Western edge of the US territory, exposed to wild animals and Native Americans. Lincoln was not hesitant to employ presidential authority, but “his practical policy grew from a strong sense of moral purpose;” a trait that all presidents are expected to live up to today (Carwardine 321). This characteristic made Lincoln a very ." Abraham Lincoln' Classroom. Abraham Lincoln also had an older sister that was 2 years older than him, her name was Sarah.It required a lot of courage and hard work to survive on the frontier; that was where future president developed his mental toughness and fearlessness. In spite of the commonplace of slavery throughout Lincoln's lifetime, Abraham left a huge impact on our nation when he took the leadership role in the revolutionary movement to for the U. He and his family moved to Indiana when he was only 7 years old.Branches of the government were implemented under his Presidency, such as, the Internal Revenue System; he implemented paper money, and he assembled a national banking system (Phillips. The fact that we utilize the changes he implemented goes to show his leadership skills are still consistent with our country’s needs.What I took away from a leadership stand point is not to immediately respond to situations.His commitment to the rights of individuals was a cornerstone of his During the Civil War, Lincoln made many trips to the battlefields and field hospitals, meeting the troops, establishing lasting connections with them that boosted their morale. When in public, he would make it a point to try and speak to everyone and even shake their hands if possible. Introduction Throughout time it has been said that Abraham Lincoln is one our country’s most recognizable leaders.Until the 1990’s no one had written a book incorporating his leadership skills into every day leadership concepts. Phillips was surprised by this realization and made it his mission to write a book about the leadership skills Lincoln possessed while also relating it to the modern leadership theories we use in life and in business, today. The book is broken into four main sections, People, Character, Endeavor, and Communication.


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