Essay About The Importance Of English As An International Language

Essay About The Importance Of English As An International Language-40
The reason is that English is a well-known language, which is used in medical, business, and scientific communication all over the world.Most of the well-known scholars and researchers prefer to do their scientific and medical researches in English language because of its high understandability and spoken rate.

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Factors, which make certain language become global, are closely connected to level of technology, economical, political, and cultural power of regions, which use dominant (Crystal, 2003).

Some countries like Singapore, India, Nigeria, etc.

implement English in their governmental, educational and law systems.

Such actions provide the language with a status of ‘second language’, which serves......) a language achieves a global status only when it develops a ‘special role’ and fulfils certain functions.

The ‘power function’ of language expects that it should enable us to gain goods and services in order to live well and lead a good life.

The ‘community function’ of language helps us to represent a personal and social identity.The author has rightly presented that language plays a key role in effective communication.Language is the key component, which makes messages understandable for the people involved in the process of communication.The former is a centrifugal force and the latter is a centripetal force.Let us examine how far the English language is successful in playing the ‘special role’ which implies numerous facets, so that it can rightly be called an international language.Moreover, when they graduate from those universities, they are able to get good jobs in the multinational companies because they get the command over the language that is used extensively in multinational languages.In some countries, English is being used as the academic language even though the regional and national languages are different in those countries.Here, the point is that in all those universities, the academic language is English.Students from other countries need to learn English in order study in those universities properly.The reason is that English has become the key to professional and educational success of a person.People like to study in those universities, which provide highest quality education to the students.


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