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This kind of premature editing will not only slow you down but can also make you lose your train of thought.

In fact, it may even make you afraid to write down any unfinished thoughts.

On the other hand, if you’re too invested in your writing you may have a hard time knowing how to reach a more general audience.

It’s important, then, to be both interested and objective when you start typing.

Often people think they have to write from beginning to end, when they’re better off starting in the middle, with what they know.

Writing is messy, and it’s okay to jump around and connect your ideas later. When writers know their writing will have to conform to a million different rules (from punctuation and mechanics to essay structure), they may be hesitant to “just write.” When you don’t allow yourself to write freely, you end up perfecting each sentence before moving on.

Writers are blocked when they have to start connecting the dots, when they have to create some kind of overall story out of their disjointed notes or paragraphs.

If you don’t have any emotional or personal interest in a writing project you may not experience much motivation to get started.

If you spread these tasks out over successive days (and plan them out in your calendar), then the whole task will seem less overwhelming. Have you always thought the same thing or has your thinking changed? If you regularly struggle with writer’s block, come up with a list of questions and force yourself to write out the answers. Sometimes it’s easier to explain your topic by talking with a real person.

All writing is an answer to some imagined question. Even the most analytical essays tell some kind of story.


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