Essay Mountain Hiking

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Personal Narrative- Mountain Hike In hiking, as in life, there are choices between success and pain, pride and safety; this is the story of one such choice.

Last summer I participated in the Rayado program at Philmont Scout Ranch.

Lawrence believes that nature is invaluable, that it is much more valuable than the lives of millions of humans who does not appreciate what nature provides, who only care about themselves and their enjoyment. Subsequently the kids managed to construct a society with established tasks, and rules.

Personal desires, lack of communication, savagery and fear towards the unknown distract the kids from their ambition of getting rescued and cause their society to segregate collapse.

He took pictures along the way of natures beautiful creations and wanted it to save it on his desktop at home.

Essay Mountain Hiking

All he had to do was connect through clouding and upload and .room for him and a mountain lion." And how easily "we might spare a million or two of humans and never miss them".This shows Lawrence's attitude towards nature and man who destroys it for their own personal and selfish profits.The eighth day of the trek was my crew’s greatest challenge: Super Black Death, a hike of seven peaks in one day. As we were climbing what we thought was our sixth peak, Big Red, a storm struck. As we plodded up the trail to the actual Big Red I started to feel progressively worse. At the peak, our guides gave our weary group two choices: head downhill and camp, or press on and finish Super Black in one day. Physically I was drained, but emotionally I was psyched.It was a cold driving rain that froze us as we struggled up the mountain. As the crew tried to get a bearing I came to the slow realization that we were not on Big Red, but another peak. I had set a goal to do something that I had never thought I could. While Pappe attempts to lend a new sort of historical narrative to the mountain of already innumerable texts on the Middle East conflict, his story falls short.Too often people simply hike across a flat valley without ascending because they content themselves with the scenery.The mountain showed me that I cannot content myself with the scenery.The hike also strengthened my resolve to climb the mountain of knowledge while still taking time to gaze at the wondrous scenery.Only then can the beauty of the universe and the study of science be purposefully united. Obviously, earthly concerns are insignificant to the rest of the universe.However, I experienced the overriding need to understand the origins and causes of these phenomena.


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