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Apart from general critical peculiarities, Julius Caesar reveals Shakespeare’s perspective to the concept of loyalty.

Though the title of the tragedy embodies the name of the famous historical figure, the names of the other three central characters may suit it at the same time.

A reader encounters an eventual, without any spontaneous features, the evolution of Cassius, in contrast to the previous characters.

Shakespeare describes him a person inspired by the idea of fighting the tyranny, which he considers an adverse phenomenon of that era.

The character of Antony develops during the whole play. The first depicts his readiness to fulfill every order of the ruler, what can be connected with Brutus loyalty to Caesar.

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Despite the fact that both are conspirators, Antony has another role in the tragedy, which is limited by his own perspective.A clear example is a scene when he applies to the people together with Brutus.Their speeches implicitly reveal two contradictory political tendencies in regards to the events of that time.The situation fundamentally changes after the assassination of Caesar.The critical fact of it is that it is Brutus idea which he shares with Antony.The plot contains the conflict that develops over the Brutus personality.The core of the problem is the decision which Brutus makes when it comes to choosing friendship or welfare of the country.These thoughts match the intentions of Brutus, although one thing makes the similarity between the characters impossible.The problem is that Caesar has no sympathy for Cassius in contrast to Brutus.In the list of the three characters, Shakespeare depicted three distinctive attitudes to the concepts of a state and a ruler.He described loyalty mainly in these contexts, which each of the heroes viewed and followed due to their individual life principles and ideas.


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