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There are special exams a person has to take whenever they apply for any work with the government.

There are special exams a person has to take whenever they apply for any work with the government.There are some very strict rules and requirements to meet in every branch of the government and for every position within that branch.

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There are also side benefits for people working in public sectors, for an example, the workers of public sector will receive their days off for each and every ? And often a government position grants special privileges, discounts on a variety of products and services all across the nation.

Some people find they're drawn to working for the public sector because of what they're able to learn about how the government works and choose to be a part of the process.

And the private sector is mainly based on the idea of profit.

When a person applies for a position in a private sector, they require a certain amount of education, experience, training or skills.

The Code sets out Public Service values as well as Conflict of Interest and Post-Employment Mea­sures.

Ministers are responsible for preserving public confidence in the integrity of management and op­erations within their departments and for maintaining the tradition of political neutrality of the Public Service and its continuing ability to provide professional, candid and frank advice Public Service Values Public servants shall be guided in their work and their professional conduct by a balanced framework of public service values: democratic, professional, ethical and people values.

Introduction: Direct Answer: I agree that public services such as health care and transportation need more funding but not at the cost of the arts which are still very important.

(this approach gives a clear position and allows you to write about both sides.)Body Paragraph 1: Health care system – give reasons why this needs more funding.

The role of the Public Service is to assist the Government to provide for peace, order and good government.

The Constitution and the principles of responsible government provide the foundation for Public Service roles, responsibilities and values.


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